How it works

Set up an account with us and receive a new telephone local number automatically (Your existing number is not affected.) .

What You Get

+ Assigned Phone number local to the facility. Your will receive this in your welcome email
+ Calls to your new assigned number will routed to your home/cell phone Have your loved one call you to your assigned number to start the savings

Does Inmatescalls replace the contracted phone provider for the prison?

No. There is no way to go around the contracted phone provider for the prison. Inmatescalls provides you with a phone number that will be a local call from the facility. ?This ensures that the contracted phone provider will apply the reduced rate, leading to significant cost savings for you.

step 1

Step 1

pick a plan and get a new local number.

Steo 2

Step 2

When the inmate calls that new local phone number, it automatically connects to your actual telephone.

Step 3

Step 3

Talk with your loved one and save money.

Contact Us

For the fastest assistance, feel free to drop us a message in the chat box at the bottom of the page
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