Why use InmatesCalls?

Prison phone providers are fully aware of how to charge the most money for phone calls and without our service you can pay unnecessary high telephone charges. We can help you reduce your bill up to 80%

By using a InmatesCalls your inmate will be able to call you at the most affordable rates possible and can avoid paying inflated telephone rates. This means more savings for you and more money in your inmates commissary account.

Can i get my inmate calls in my cellphone?

Yes, we can send calls to your cellphone or any other telephone device. (land lines, computer telephone lines, internet telephone lines, etc).

How does InmatesCalls save me money?

Most prison phone providers charge very high telephone rates for inmate phone calls. InmatesCalls can help reduce the cost of each call . InmatesCalls will eliminate the pricey telephone charges and help you save as much as 80% on each call.

How will InmatesCalls charge me?

Our service is a month to month contract, you will manage and authorize each payment in our website, you can add more minutes to your account at any time at no extra fee.

Can I add additional minutes to my account?

Of course. Adding additional minutes is very easy and can be done in our website (online) or by calling one of our customer service representatives. If you have gone over your monthly minutes or just want to add more, you can add them at anytime.

How do I cancel my account?

Our policy requires that you call and verbally cancel your account. This is simply a security measure to verify you are actually the account holder.

Please make sure to cancel your account prior to your billing date to avoid further charges. Call 619 3310034 and our representatives will be happy to assist you. Or use Contact Us section and send us email, the account will be cancelled till we confirm you by sending you email.

Why do I need to know what jail my Inmate is in?

To get the best rate for you to talk with your inmate, we need to know where he or she is located.

What happens if my inmate is transferred to another facility?

This happens frequently and we certainly can help you. We will need to know the name of the jail/prison where you inmate has been transferred. This allows us to issue the best number for that jail/prison and helps us provide the lowest rate for you.

My inmate is in a State Prison, can I use InmatesCalls?

Yes! Some state prisons only allow collect calls. If the facility where your loved one is located requires collect calls, you must set up a prepaid account with the prison phone provider.

What if my inmate is in a county or local jail?

Yes, InmatesCalls can help you if your loved one is in a county or local jail. We are an Telephone Company and can help you find the best rate for your loved one's facility.

How much do I save with a Federal Prison?

The Bureau of Prisons charges 23¢ a minute for all long distance calls and only 6¢ a minute for local calls. We can help you by reducing your cost dramatically!

Note: Federal prisons allow 300 minutes a month for $69. With InmatesCalls, the cost for 300 minutes will drop from $69 to only $16.95.

How can I save money if my inmate is in a Federal Prison?

We simply provide a phone number that will offer the lowest rates at your loved one's Federal facility. InmatesCalls phone numbers can reduce the call from 23¢ a minute to only 6¢ per minute. After you are given a new number for your loved one's Federal Facility, the inmate must put your number on the call list. Once it's on the approved list, the inmate can dial the number and you can start saving money.

How much will I save on inmate phone calls?

The savings vary from state-to-state and even from facility-to-facility. They are determined by how much the prison phone provider charges for telephone calls. The savings are typically between 30-80%.

Note: Many facilities require setting up a prepaid account with the prison phone provider before you begin receiving calls from your loved one.

Will I be charged if I do not use my account?

Yes. Just like any service you purchase, regardless if there is activity on the account or not, you are responsible for the monthly charge.

Note: Please remember you are responsible for your monthly charge until you verbally or manually cancel, even if there is no activity at all.

If I live outside of the US, can I use InmatesCalls?

Yes, of course you can! In fact, we have many international customers who are saving up to 80% or more on calls from their inmate.

Note: Although we provide service for those who don't live in the United States, you will have to call us to set up your international account. Please call one of our experienced representatives at (619) 331 0015 and we'd be happy to help.

How can order service:


select the desire plan and follow the payment instructions on checkout page.

By calling us:

Simple call our dedicated sales representatives can assist and help you find a plan that best fits your budget and lifestyle. Feel free to call 619 3310034 and one of our representatives will be happy to help.

Our live representatives are available during the following hours (Pacific Standard time):

  • Monday to Friday: 10:00 AM to 04:00 PM

Can I purchase multiple accounts?

Absolutely! You can have multiple InmatesCalls accounts. The account holder can purchase additional accounts at their convenience. For example, many of our customers have several family members who want to receive calls from the inmate at a lower cost.

Does InmatesCalls protect my account information?

Of course! The privacy of our customers is our top priority. That's why we have placed several layers of security to protect you. We do not share or sell your information with anyone, in any way.